Winter Storm Statement – Updated December 26, 2016

We’ve received quite a number of phone calls regarding the predicted upcoming storm from folks who are understandably concerned about the Wendover tour scheduled for Monday, December 26.

At this time the tour is still scheduled to depart. We really have no way of knowing exactly what the conditions are going to be like Monday morning.  If the highways are open, and the border is open, and the bus company feels it is safe to proceed then the bus will be departing as scheduled. If the airport is open and the plane can land and takeoff then the flight will be departing as scheduled. We really will not know what the situation is until Monday morning.

If travel is not possible then we will be calling passengers to advise them and let them know what the options are.  Please bear in mind that, should this be the case, we likely will not know what the casino will be doing until their offices open and they are an hour behind our time zone.

We will be updating our website (, facebook page ( and twitter account (@BreakawayWpg) as we get information on Monday morning.

Update: 11:58am, December 25, 2016 – We’ve had some calls from concerned passengers who have been told that the border has already been closed.  We’ve checked and currently all highways and border crossings are still open between here and Fargo.  We are keeping on top of the situation and will keep people updated.

Update: 1:02am, December 26, 2016 – At this time the border is still reporting as open. Highway conditions aren’t the best but the highways en route are still open as well. We will update again in a few hours.

Update 6:04am, December 26, 2016 – Unfortunately at this time it’s not looking like we’re going to be able to get to Fargo, as both main highways are closed.  We are calling passengers to advise them. The Wendover offices are closed for a few hours yet, once we have an update from them we will be calling passengers again. The bus is on standby in case we are able to make it out at some point today.

Update: 11:25am, December 26, 2016 – We’ve been informed that the Minot airport has been closed. This is relevant as our flight departing from Fargo was first scheduled to drop passengers off in Minot and then head to Fargo to pick up.  The casino is on top of things and is working to figure out solutions depending on the various weather, airport & highway conditions. We will continue to update as we get information.

Update: 12:27pm, December 26, 2017 – We’ve received word from the casino that trip has officially been cancelled, there’s just no way for them to fly in to Fargo.  They’re still working on how/when to get the Minot folks home. But, sadly, our flight has had to be cancelled altogether.  Full refunds will be issued.

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