Operational Update

I’m sure that this is obvious to just about everyone right now, but just to make if formal:

Tour operations are suspended until further notice.

The border is closed, we cannot do tours to the US.
The casinos here that are open are operating at limited capacity and are not allowing tour buses in.
Even once tours are allowed back in, we have yet to figure out a way that will allow safe & proper social distancing on the bus. In order to maintain 6feet of distance between unrelated people we’d have to stagger seats & rows, resulting in only being able to fill buses to 1/4-1/3 capacity. There’s simply to way to even come close to breaking even under those circumstances.

And the reality is that the vast majority of our passengers are seniors, many of which have existing health issues.  We greatly value our passengers & clients, many have become very dear & longtime friends. We absolutely do not want to operate in a way that puts our passenger’s health & safety at risk.

So, to that end, we will keep operations suspended until we can resume tours in such a way that is safe for everyone involved.

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